The Government we deserve

I want to go downtown and snatch them all out and start all over again, but would give a few there a pass but they would have to walk the walk and talk the talk. straightup-forward-honesty


It is often said that a people get the Government they deserve – especially when they don’t vote.

This, it seems, is the case in Ontario.

The minority of Ontario voters who bothered to vote a few years ago, voted against proportional representation, preferring to believe the claims made by incumbent politicians that our current system of first-past-the-post-party-politics was the best electoral system for us.

Enough of those who voted believed them when they said we would expose ourselves to minority governments and all the political machinations they can bring, and voted to keep our current electoral system.

Yet here we are a little over four years later with a minority government, with the NDP playing politics in order to avoid an election and sitting out the budget vote, making back-room deals with the minority Liberals to stay in power and the Liberals making a deal with a member of…

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