D.C. is the gayest city in America


The Advocate (a gay magazine) last year placed the District in fourth place last year as the gayest city in the United States, but this year it’s #1! Beating out San Francisco (11),Oakland (9), and Atlanta (5). I was not shocked to see my hometown ranked so high but to beat out San Francisco was a bit of a surprise , so that’s what made me even more curious to see how they picked D.C..


The Advocate looked at things such as the number of gay, bisexual, and transgender elected officials,

 number of bars, lesbian-coupled headed household, to name a few. I can’t leave out that Arlington came in as number 10. D.C. is one of , no is my favorite cities of all, born there is a feeling of pride I always will hold!


Atlanta is not a surprise coming in at #5 , with it’s upbeat outlook on trends, and being one of the areas that a lot of people relocate to for the some of the  same reasons as most move to D.C., progress forward thinking people.

They both offer the hottest night-life, the best gay clubs, but D.C. has  the most openly gay officials, making them rank high not only for the gay population , but those up and coming open minded trendy people!


Fredericksburg is a city that has changed a lot since I moved here early 1990’s, I had to venture back to D.C. for Gay Pride weekend, but now my hometown offered it’s first Gay Pride event early 2000, well that’s at least the time I heard about them. I see those trendy open-gay people relocating here, for many reasons, one major reasons is the cost of living here is much more affordable, it’s close to D.C., public transportation is understanding the need to be open longer & added more stops , the building of condos, townhomes, & apartments for those who are not ready for that single family home.


You can’t help but notice that Fredericksburg & surrounding area are understanding the needs of people not wanting that single family home at this moment in their life, but love everything else, now can plant roots here!

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About The Samuels Team

I honor my professional oath to serve buyers and sellers and to conduct business with a high level of integrity. My strong presence in the Fredericksburg community, a joy of family and helping others excel are the personal values that attracted me to real estate as a profession. Therefore, I know what it takes to succeed in this market and have the desire to see my clients find the ideal home and build a foundation to fulfill their personal values. My personal guarantee to all clients: buying and selling homes with me and the Golston Real Estate Team makes home buying a positively memorable experience. Please call or email me for any of your real estate needs: debra@golstonrealestate.com 540 287-8750 Thank you.
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