Fredericksburg-area real estate market finds its way back in 2016

Homes on the market less than 44 days in our area!! Great News!!!

Fredericksburg-area real estate market finds its way back in 2016 after the long drawn out depressing market when even our homes here in the Fredericksburg area took a huge hit but now we are experiencing a nice upswing in the market now! All signs, including price and affordability, inventory and consumer confidence, point to a return to normalcy for Fredericksburg real estate and a stable market in 2016. Homes priced were around $222,000 in 2011, average home prices in the Fredericksburg market have returned nicely, and as of January  2016,the average home sold for just over $284,000. This is a great improvement over the five-year home price average.  These prices are much more affordable then our average sale in Northern Virginia which are nearly $494,000.

As the economy continues to improve in Northern Virginia, their prices and apartmentcondos rents, are likely to rise, making Fredericksburg an even more attractive destination for those looking to buy. 

The Fredericksburg area is an attractive place to buy a home for many reasons. It’s affordable for first time buyers, yet has inventory for those looking to upgrade to their dream home from  those empty-nesters looking to downsize.  

It has a relaxed, more rural feel within commuting distance of the D.C. metro area and Richmond 60 miles South of us. It has a sense of long-standing community while also being an exciting location for growth and modernization.

Foreclosures are down, which is a sure sign the market is turning back to normal! In fact, we’re now starting to see many of those who were affected by foreclosures re-enter the market. They’ve rebuilt their credit, learned painful lessons and are jumping back into the home buying process faster than many of us expected.  Millennials are looking to come back after the big shock the market took, they are even ready to enter the buying market or upgrading to a larger home, as active adults and seniors downsize. Melanie Thompson is president of the Southern Division of Century 21 Redwood Realty, and she stated that ” While it won’t be a market for the flippers or those looking to turn a quick profit, a steady, normal market will bring piece of mind and stability to the vast majority of homebuyers in the Fredericksburg area.”

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About The Samuels Team

I honor my professional oath to serve buyers and sellers and to conduct business with a high level of integrity. My strong presence in the Fredericksburg community, a joy of family and helping others excel are the personal values that attracted me to real estate as a profession. Therefore, I know what it takes to succeed in this market and have the desire to see my clients find the ideal home and build a foundation to fulfill their personal values. My personal guarantee to all clients: buying and selling homes with me and the Golston Real Estate Team makes home buying a positively memorable experience. Please call or email me for any of your real estate needs: 540 287-8750 Thank you.
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