Nelson Beats The Odds

The Nelson Beats the Odds Comic Creator app allows users to substitute their own photos to create composite images personalizing the characters faces int the book’s illustrations. The app is a simple way to inspire the world with your creative photos.  Snap photo with your ios device or choose a photo from your photo library.

This is just a tad about this awesome young man I had the pleasure of meeting yesterday at this back to school event, that sure made may day as well  to meet just an inspired person about reading but more than anything excited about helping our youth to love reading, learning, and school!

Nelson had trouble in school as well, explaining it as if he’s telling you how he took  on a simple task and turned it around to make his and those who meet him lives a bit brighter with books expressing you through his apps so you may apply your photos, how cool!!

Please visit his website and read his stories, buy his materials(you’ll love them), friend him on Facebook to stay in touch with his upcoming events so you’ll never miss one!  I’m sure you know of a kid that could really use the help of his materials.

Nelson also offers Creative Medicine: Healing Through Words (CMHTW) is  a therapeutic writing program facilitated by Ronnie Sidney II. The program’s vision is to create an experience that is both transformative and redemptive for participants. He said it is not your transitional writers’ workshop; writers are challenged to think critically, push past complacency and make positive changes in their lives.

I can not wait to take the writing workshop, it sounds like what I can grow even more! Hope to see you there!


About The Samuels Team

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