Women’s memorial at Allington cemetery

Over the past few days I been hearing on our local news the story about the museum closing down of this important museum. This is so hard for me to believe, and no understanding why our government is not making sure such an important memorial not only stay open but is taken care of .

I’m not aware of any of the memorial over there that may lose a spot in being there or asking the public for donations to keep it open. Again I just find this  unbelievable for something as important in our history to just be thrown away. If I had the money to repair it myself and keep it going forever I would, but this is my small part of trying to get the word out and I also will make a donation to keep this important memorial open for all to see. Again a disgrace I hope president elect Trump does something about this he is a builder supposedly correct. Perhaps I will write him on this, no I will write him on this!!

Just my two cents worth



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