Gratitude is the name of the game!! 

I’m grateful for being blessed enough to give to those in needs! For my birthday this year I decided to give my birthday money to a few of my local area schools that have outstanding lunch bills for those students that parents can’t pay yet! Did you know they get a cheese sandwich and a carton of milk, but more than anything they’re single out. Giving back is one of my passions!  Principal at Walker Grant Middle and cafeteria super at Moncure Ele., they’re allowing me to pay for a few children back lunch bill! 


About The Samuels Team

I honor my professional oath to serve buyers and sellers and to conduct business with a high level of integrity. My strong presence in the Fredericksburg community, a joy of family and helping others excel are the personal values that attracted me to real estate as a profession. Therefore, I know what it takes to succeed in this market and have the desire to see my clients find the ideal home and build a foundation to fulfill their personal values. My personal guarantee to all clients: buying and selling homes with me and the Golston Real Estate Team makes home buying a positively memorable experience. Please call or email me for any of your real estate needs: 540 287-8750 Thank you.
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