Why you should sell your home in the winter.

Common beliefs state that you should never try to sell your home in the winter. Your best shot is really in the spring, right? Before I became a realtor, I thought the same thing. But now, I’ve got seven reasons why you shouldn’t make your home hibernate through winter. Light the fire, spruce it up and list it during the cold months. Here’s why.
You’ll have less competition. Since the majority of people believe my first statement above, there will be far fewer listings for your home to compete with! If people are moving in the winter, there is often a sense of urgency behind it. If they have fewer choices, your odds of selling are higher.

You’ll reap higher profits. Believe it or not, this is also true! Studies confirm that sellers receive higher sales prices in the winter. Now don’t get me wrong – we need to price your home right, but motivated buyers tend to offer more. And they are also eager to purchase in the winter before mortgage rates increase. Win, win!

You’ll sell quicker. I know. Surprising, but it’s so! Because there are typically fewer homes to choose from, buyers may choose yours more quickly than they would in the spring. The cold weather may also play a part simply because people don’t want to tour as many homes when it’s freezing and snowing.

You’ll have less outdoor maintenance. Sellers spend a great deal of time maintaining lawns and gardens in the spring. You won’t have to have your yard perfectly landscaped in the barren winter months, because no one expects this! You’ll save on landscaping costs that you might have to fork out if you wait until winter months. Do remember, though, that the exterior of your home still needs to be in tip-top shape. Don’t skimp there!

You’ll suffer through fewer showings. Since buyers are more motivated and act more quickly in the winter, this means you’ll have fewer times you’ll have to clean from top to bottom, vacate your home and then scrub muddy footprints off your wood floors. This alone is a huge bonus to me! And we tend to have fewer open houses, yet more successful ones in the winter months. Those who attend are generally more motivated and truly interested in your home.

You’ll receive more attention. Fewer listings on the market means realtors are less busy. This allows us plenty of time to focus on your listing. More marketing is another perk that speeds home sales in winter.

You’ll catch those relocating for work. During the first quarter of each year, many companies relocate their employees. And with relocations many receive moving expenses. When you’re negotiating with someone else’s money, you aren’t always as tight as you might be with your own. Think about how easy it was to spend Mom and Dad’s when you were a kid. Yep, it’s kind of like that.

Ready to list your home this winter? Give me a call. Together we’ll put together a plan to market, show and sell your home, creating your own winter success story!

Additionally I search for buyers for the homes I list as well as homes already on the market. Being a buyers agent gives me the advantage of knowing what quality buyers are looking to move! 

It’s both a buyers and sellers market at this time in my opinion, but we could use more homes on the market to meet our buyers needs, which does give the sellers a bit more of an edge. Supply and demand! 

Please allow The Samuels Team assist you with not ” Just Listing Your Home, but getting it Sold” 



About The Samuels Team

I honor my professional oath to serve buyers and sellers and to conduct business with a high level of integrity. My strong presence in the Fredericksburg community, a joy of family and helping others excel are the personal values that attracted me to real estate as a profession. Therefore, I know what it takes to succeed in this market and have the desire to see my clients find the ideal home and build a foundation to fulfill their personal values. My personal guarantee to all clients: buying and selling homes with me and the Golston Real Estate Team makes home buying a positively memorable experience. Please call or email me for any of your real estate needs: debra@golstonrealestate.com 540 287-8750 Thank you.
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