USDA loans are GREAT!! Ask me why, I’ll be more than glad to share!!

I joined this non profit group ” because I said I would.” Their website is below

because I said I would

I joined because I felt the need to follow through when I know I can help and realize it was with less effort then I thought 💪🏾, how cool!

” because I said I would “, ” just do it “, ” lend on me “, or whatever your favorite saying , just know doing it means a whole lot to others.

My ” because I said I would ” sparked me to assist as many people as I can that want to become first time buyers or a repeat buyer. We make this promise to say we would help but then we allow other things to get in the way so I’ve made a strong commitment and join this organization and I wear the badge with pride and look forward to following through with my word.

I’m very excited about the USDA program that offers people loans with no money down and in some cases closing costs! I’m also studying and found out great news that they also help with rentals, once I get more information on that I will be sharing it. I would add there a link below.

I have a contact person with the USDA that does loans for Virginia Maryland and DC area if you are interested in learning more please do give me a call or inbox me and let’s get this started. You can do it you can get rid of your landlord and 2018!

USDA loans no $$ Down I’m here to assist you from the beginning to the end of this wonderful process of owning your own home and getting rid of your landlord this year or next year! Let’s get started I look forward to speaking with you real soon bye now Continue reading

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Sec 8 homes available!

Here’s a list of homes that accept the housing voucher, these homes are located with in central Virginia area. Please let me know if you would like to see one of these. Would you please share my post so others can see the list.

Thank you

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You know it! Push on💪🏾

I got this 💪🏾

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$$ Newest listings that accept housing vouchers $$

Sec 8 Vouchers for rent in Central VA. Inbox or call me for a private viewing.

I will be offering “1st time buyers classes”,  starting February 2018.

The USDA/VHDA programs, as well as other “No Money Down”, programs will be taught.

If interested just inbox or call me so we can start the process to you owning your own home with little or “No Money Down”, and as your agent, I work towards getting you help with your closing cost!

So many new terms, no worries, I’m here to assist you and your family “From the beginning to the End” It is my pleasure to assist with this most important deal.

I’ve turned many renters “into buyers”, just ask me for references!



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First time buyers workshop starting February 2018! Learn how to purchase your home with no money down and excellent terms through USDA program.

Looking for home that accepts your voucher ? Please go to my business page at to view updated listings of homes in the Central VA area. You can inbox your email and criteria and I will set you on a daily notice! offer

I look forward to helping you with any of your real estate needs!

$$ The beginning of 2018 I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching those interested in purchasing a home through the USDA/VHDA programs in VA.$$

What’s that? A program that offer 1st time buyers No Money down loans, low interest rates, and great terms to help you purchase your first home! I help turn renters into buyers, so if you’re ready to put in the work, I’m here to assist! It’s my passion to help those who want to purchase, get to that dream!

* Look for updates and more information on my page above!*

Inbox me your interest and we can go from there!! It’s up to you, I’m just here to sure you how!

Shardey Smyers you know auntie is totally excited to help you reach that dream this upcoming year!

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Just was having a jolly oh day with my new found friend at Lowes🎅🏾

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Have a Sec 8 voucher and need to move?

Check out the list below and inbox me for more info.
If you know someone that is looking to move please feel free to pass my information along to them! I thank you in advance for all your help!
Please do share my post so others may benefit as well!
sec 8 for all counties 1-20 of 20

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